If you want to build that all important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and drive traffic to your blog, website or brick and mortar business, you need to make a good first impression. The written word is good, pictures are even better, but what will rock their world? Video will and here’s why:

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Creative Commons License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

People want your opinion, but they want it quickly:

-According to YouTube statistics, “There are more than 1 billion unique viewers PER MONTH.” If you start using video properly and on a regular basis, your search engine optimization will become self-perpetuating.  Schedule the time to put together a short script about your business, your favorite blog topics or your personal opinions about pretty much anything.  Be sure to get those all-important keywords in there.  Use the simple tools at your disposal and watch the traffic start coming in a fairly short period of time.  Many of your most successful viral videos are under 5 minutes long.  How would you like to have just 1% of those 1 billion unique users?  Yeah?  So, how are you going to get them?

Video is more than cute puppies, but they can help:

-“Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth.” That’s JUST YouTube. Doesn’t include any of the dozens of other video-driven sites on the ‘Net.  People love the cute stuff.  They want something that speaks to them.  Look at your website.  Look at any videos you’ve already done.  Try to look at them through your customers’ eyes and not your own.  What do they say to you?  What do you want your potential customers to hear?

Online video users are not going away:

-“Millions of subscriptions happen each day on YouTube. The number of people subscribing daily is UP MORE THAN 3X since last year, and the number of daily subscriptions is up more than 4x since last year.” As services such as Google Fiber begin catching on and wifi becomes available and accessible in entire cities, more changes will happen.  Satellite and Dish TV services will go away quickly as pricing lowers and stabilizes.  “Free” TV, Network television is very nearly obsolete.  Bundled services will take over and YouTube will be sitting in the catbird seat.  Again.  Or perhaps, still.  Or maybe something new will take over. Tablets are exploding in the marketplace and even our trusty laptops that we have loved are heading to  the “soon to be obsolete” graveyard.   The videos one can watch on tablets are nearly as clean as clear as our U4K screens… OK, maybe not yet.  There’s always room for improvement. Finally, the fact that our phones, tablets and laptops have some pretty great digital cameras built right into them says that we are on track with maintaining the video drive.

Contemporary services require new tools:

Still think video isn’t important to your blog, website or business? Let me ask you a question:  How is your print marketing doing for you?  Are you getting traffic from it?  Time and again, I have people telling me “I paid for this print and I’m in the yellow pages but I don’t get any traffic from it.”  Well, there’s a problem for sure.  More and more people have given up landline phones in favor of cells and online services.  Why pay for phone service that brings no value to the table?  Why spend hundreds monthly (or even weekly) on print ads that are often not right or are never looked at by your potential customers? Why have we chosen this company’s products over others?  The reason is simple: it’s because the entire suite of tools is not going to be obsolete for a long time. They are built upon the latest operating systems across all digital platforms. It’s because their products are proprietary, and other companies are already coming to them to try to make use of this brand new technology.  It’s because they offer RTC (Real Time Communication).  Don’t sneeze at that terminology.  It’s very important.  Here’s why:

Real Time Communication is necessary, and it’s now available.  Who wouldn’t want it?

If you use Skype, WebEx, Go-to-Meeting or even VOIP, you’re familiar with the sound issues.  You can’t talk at the same time as someone else.  Half your time is waiting for the other person, because you didn’t realize they were going to start talking, so you start, only to have them continue, and well, it gets very uncomfortable, doesn’t it?  Or you’re on your cellphone and you have that couple of second delay, where, if the other person isn’t really paying attention, they probably don’t realize that you’re still talking? RTC takes care of that because there is no stutter.  No pregnant pauses.  There’s no delay.  And THAT’s awesome.  That is what business owners are going to love.  And that’s why they’re going to be calling out some of the top communications companies in the next few years.  Skype?  VOIP?  Long Distance have no meaning with this technology.  It is now, RIGHT NOW, obsolete. Want to know the best part of all?  There is nothing to download.  No program to install on your computer.  The only thing you need to use the products is a WiFi connection and a webcam or video camera.  How cool is that?

But it’s one of “those” companies

If you look at a company like Talk Fusion and ONLY see “relationship marketing” or “network marketing” or “MLM”, you are missing the point. This is about marketing TOOLS. If you’re in business you NEED them. And, you know what they are, right? Hello, tax deduction! We use Talk Fusion products to build our video library and you’ll see more and more of them as we get finessed and continue to use them. And yes, they’ll be on YouTube. And Vimeo, And as many other sites as we feel are pertinent to driving business our way.

Where were we a few years ago?

One more thought on this subject today: Barely 20 years ago, most people in the US had no idea what impact this “Internet thing” was going to have on their lives. 15 years ago, we really started letting go of our word processors for this new suite of tools called “Microsoft Office”. Now we can’t live without those programs. Email began to take over our life and has impacted everything in communications from our phone calls to our birthday greetings. Do you want to be left behind while you “sort through” whether or not you’re ever going to need these products? Visit our website below for more info! Source citation:  http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html #seomatters #driveitwithvideo #blogorvlog #statisticsthatrock #talkfusion #3reasonswhyvideomatters  #conniespicer

Connie Spicer is a local geek and multiple business owner, dedicated to encouraging small business owners to step outside their normal routines and take a chance on new technology and knowledge.  She has been blogging for many years, and currently maintains 3 websites and a number of social network pages.  She has been coaching local small businesses for the past several years, speaking publicly on such topics as: “Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”, “Building Your Business with Technology”, and “Video and Your Business Website: Why It’s A MUST”

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