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Talk Fusion Products

David and I are always on the lookout for new technology in order to continuously offer quality services to the companies and organizations that we promote and market. We have been very excited to come across the relatively new suite of products brought to the world by Talk Fusion. While competing with several other giants in the field, Talk Fusion works with the newest forms of technology — indeed, it’s very platforms are built to succeed with the latest platforms in mind. Allow me to explain.

A Newer Company With Proprietary Programming

Talk Fusion started out a bit over 7 years ago as a video email platform. Their goal was to bring to individuals and businesses this great new platform where you didn’t have to click on a new URL to see a high quality video, all you had to do was just open the email up. They enhanced that by adding video newsletters and, quite literally hold the patent for that new technology. It isn’t the big boys that came up with this idea: it came from Bob Reina, a veteran and former police officer.

The technology created has been beefed up with top graphic templates-many custom created for the client and allowing them key branding with the TalkFusion technologies in place. The CRM dashboards in use are most impressive, allowing modifications to be done on the fly and for ease of use.

Mobile Apps Also

Adding to this already impressive arsenal is the Talk Fusion Mobile App: Fusion On The Go. The mobile app does the same things as your backroom dashboard and allows you to use your phone or tablet for immediate video creation, saving and upload to your template.

Connecting with “Connect”, Newest Options in RTC

And as if that weren’t enough, Talk Fusion has added the Connect feature (in the Talk Fusion circles it’s known as the “shhhhh ‘Skype’ killer”). While Skype, Google Hangouts and others are content to create more effort on the part of their customers, Talk Fusion keeps it simple. They simply send a link in an email message and advise what the agreed upon time is. Click the link and you are already there. Immediately and IN REAL TIME with no lag. You know that annoying few seconds where you’re talking and someone is talking over you? While you may not be able to prevent it on your Go-To-Meeting program, Talk Fusion’s “Connect” does not have that lag. It is true real-time.

Building on Newest Technologies for Greater Duration, Less Obsolescence

Finally, as to technology, Talk Fusion is building its’ programs based upon the most current technology possible: the Applie iPhones/iPads and the Galaxy S5’s are the most current products and these programs are built to last on those devices.

Go Talk Fusion

Go Talk Fusion

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