Password Manager Programs Make Sense

We are beat up, prevailed upon and annoyed every time we visit a new website to create a login and a new password if we want to participate in that pages’ activities or to receive their information.  Everyone wants a piece of our pie. And, fascinatingly, we want to participate also!  We want to learn what the rest know, we want to grow our business, build a better blog, and check out all the new (and some old) gizmos available on the market.

But really, another password?

I can’t possibly remember them all.  And I don’t like the idea that anyone with half a brain could potentially get on my laptop/iPad/smartphone or whatever device floats my boat, and can take over my life and livelihood by my own careless activities.  So, I decided to put together this shortlist of why you need a password manager program. Really!

Effective Passwords Mean Safety

First off, and most importantly in my book, is that you need effective passwords. The ones you can remember are the ones being hacked, right? So don’t go there. Get a program that will help you create passwords that work.

If You Have To Remember One Password, Make It The One To Your Manager Program

Second, if you honest to goodness have to have certain passwords in play, the password manager means you only have to remember one important one… and that is the password to your management program. Let it do the work for you!

Asset Protection Is A Necessity

Third, you may or may not have money in the bank, investments to protect or your own medical history readily available, but if you EVER do any online work with your banking institutions, your stockbroker or your insurance companies, your information could be harvested if your easy to guess password is out there, ready to get snagged by a good hacker program. Yes, there is big money in medical card/insurance fraud.

Identity Theft Is Rampant

Fourth, a lot of folks don’t get or can’t afford identity theft protection costs. Many of these programs are relatively inexpensive, but long-term maintenance of your accounts means that you sometimes do something foolish, like cancel that very protective plan. Please, don’t do that. But if you do, having a password manager might be the difference between stopping the average hacker from accessing all that important information and having their way with your life.

I Don’t Have The Memory I Used To…

Finally, if you’re anything like me, I am constantly browsing the Net; checking new programs out, new services and more and even seasoned pros can be tempted by a good line. We try not to. We dwell in our own cynicism and then figure “what the heck, we’ve got the anti-virus in place, we’ve got the firewall in place, what could possibly go wrong?”. Don’t do that either, because what happened to me is that I completely forgot I had a loose-cannon account out there, and a hacker snagged it, gaining access to my PayPal account. I was fortunate that I had notifications on and the damage was minimal (the hacker was in Korea!) but Password Managers maintain a record of all those places you go and create accounts. It will help add that wall between you and hacker when you just never get back to that random website you once thought for half a minute was so cool.

Seriously, make it easy on yourself, but harder for the spammers, phishers and hackers.  Even if you choose NOT to get the program I’m endorsing below, you need to put one in place, whether for your personal use or your business protection.  It only makes sense to do so.

Will one little program keep us secure? Hopefully this will make it a lot more difficult for your information to get stolen, your laptop to be compromised, your accounts to be hacked — because we have tried to make it easier on ourselves to remember a password and to maintain its’ presence in our records.

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