As a Buffer subscriber, I enjoy the perks of being able to schedule posts to my social media-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (primarily).  So, when I started seeing posts about Pablo by Buffer, I decided to check it out.

Pablo is a new content creator owned by the good folks at Buffer.  While this is still in its infancy (but on the upgraded 2.0 version), the opportunity to easily #create your own #content is much too important for any #blog or website owner to pass by.  If you’ve tried other visual content creators and found them too difficult to work with, then you are going to really love this.

I Love Pablo.  Why do I love it?

I love Pablo-one of the many creations I have developed using the Pablo Chrome extension.

When it comes to creating original content, Pablo allows it to happen naturally, with everyone on board from the get-go.  You don’t have to be a graphic designer.  You can add a filter so your text pops, or go au naturel and work it out with contrasting text colors. You don’t have to learn any complicated code nor do you need to mess with a lot of presets.  You just select a photo (or upload your own), add a quote (or customize the quote, along with adding your own taglines and logos); you can decide what social media platform it’s going to go on; or, if you prefer, you can also download many of the Pablo images you create right to your own hard drive.  It’s fun, it’s easy and the price is right — It’s free!

We all should understand the importance of an app or extension like Pablo that allows us to very simply create new material that we can reuse or redesign as we see fit.  Just be aware of a few things:

  • Unless you took the photo, you don’t know who holds the copyrighted material.  Pablo has some great info about where their photos come from and exactly how you are allowed to use them.  Again, if you don’t know the material or where it came from, or what it’s usage rights are, don’t use it.  Upload your own photos.  But be good to yourself.  Edit them in your own software first.  Crop them or adjust the image so you have the best possible image.  Be sure to save it in a website-friendly resolution.  If you use someone else’s stuff, get written permission or pay for it.
  • The same goes with quotations.  If you KNOW that quote is part of the public domain, then by all means, go for it.  But if the original speaker/author is still alive and kicking, they might take offense to you using their quotes and not giving proper attribution.  Again, ask permission. Get it in writing and keep that on file.
  • If you really want original material, create it all – and Pablo allows you to do it for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  The opportunity  is there – give it a go and see the beautiful things you can create for your business and your social media pages!
  • One other item to hear me clearly about: Your uploaded images do NOT remain on the Pablo servers, so once you close out your browser, you will have to re-upload any image you might want to reuse.

I will upload a basic tutorial about Pablo and how to use it in the coming few days.  Come back soon and see what I have to say about Pablo!