Pelican keeps his eye on photographer. Photo by CJ Spicer © (All Rights Reserved)

Pelican keeps his eye on photographer. Photo by CJ Spicer © (All Rights Reserved)

I live in a wonderful, rich community here in Vero Beach and in Indian River County.  It may be “small town” but it has an amazing array of things to do all throughout the area.  Information is key and in Vero you’ll hear many a story of people working together in collaboration to build up this community, making improvements and helping others.  It may not be perfect, but it IS paradise.

What?  Small town USA has interesting stuff going on?  But of course.  Let me offer you a number of the very best things about this county and community of people up and down the Treasure Coast…

We have some of the most interesting news offerings:

Every day something cool happens here…  OK, almost every day – but you can hear about it in any number of ways!  Our local “big” paper is preparing to halt its’ presses and stick to it’s online presence, but I have to say we already have it covered (and a few folks might not even miss them if they go!)  So, let’s take a minute and look at some of the local presses that offer something a little different:

  • – fresh faced views from long-term reporter/publisher, they bring the liberal side to the table.
  • – their 32963 online sister and the Sebastian River News-the more conservative side of our area
  • Vero Beach Newsweekly – Scripps owned, crossover coverage with some of the same staffers as articles are not available for public viewing without a paid subscription.

And awesome providers of substantial locality-specific information:

  • – lists many local businesses and features many new businesses with a personal touch
  • TC Chronicle – for “good news, no drama” get the Chronicle.  Great coverage of local events-you’ll always find something happening or something coming soon and great directory of local businesses; local events and happenings and more
  • Check out Explore Indian River – if you would really like to see the Indian River County area, you really need to play on this site.  This website is chock full of the sites you have to see–the lesser explored and the popular, AND it also offers you links to experience driving the local scenes as if you were looking right out your car window, giving you a truly interactive experience.  (It’s fun too!)
  • Treasure Coast Beaches – Last but not least for this listing of fun sites in the Vero Beach area, TCBeaches brings you some listings of great places to shop, stop and hang out awhile all up and down the coast.  I’ve linked to the Indian River County page, but you can check out all up and down the coast.
  • Vero VineOne of the newest local editions, VV’s online info includes local based contests, events and more, with lots of interactivity and fun for all.  Great business listings too – all individuals joining in at VV are vetted so you can be sure they’re local too. No spam!
Croc of the Walk - Photo by CJ Spicer © All Rights Reserved

Croc of the Walk – Photo by CJ Spicer © All Rights Reserved


These are just a few of the informational sites with plenty of events, shops and places to come and play while you’re in Vero Beach or Indian River County.  So, go!  Have fun exploring our community.

I’ll add more to these awesome places and to-do’s at a later date.  In the meantime, ‘Welcome to Paradise”!

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