Bad Boyfriends And Politics

When I was a youngster (as in later teenager) I started seeing this guy.  Friends mostly didn’t much care for him. My parents, they didn’t like him either.  The rest of the family?  Well, the more they got to know him the less they trusted him. They thought he was a bad boyfriend.
He started isolating me from those I loved. Sometimes, he got mad if I tried to catch up with friends and family on the phone. He talked them down, said they were stupid, or just trying to “not let me grow up”… things like that. At times. he said he didn’t want us to ever change. There was no involvement, even with his own family who rarely saw or spoke to him.
 My job, the money I made, the time I spent doing anything without him was measured and weighed because he wanted full control over every important thing in my life…  He lied to others about… well, about everything, and he even got me to lie for him.   Suddenly, he wasn’t accountable for his decisions, I was, and everything bad that happened was my fault.  Anything good and decent happened, then he took credit for it, even if it had nothing to do with him personally.
I got more involved than I should, and I defended him in all things to everyone. Still, family and friends were adamant that he was no good. He finally started abusing me… verbally, physically… in all ways.  A true bully…

Is Trump A “Bad Boyfriend”?

It reminds me of our current political situation. We have a “bad boyfriend” in our president.  Mr. Trump isolates us from the world and from “real news”. He divides us, and he talks bad – about everyone. If you were close to him, your relationship would quickly go toxic. The president is taking your money, your heart, your land, your home. He wants it all, like a jealous lover.
And when he’s done with you, what will he do? Will he quit you, like a hot potato and try to get someone else he thinks is “better”? Or will he guard you, and prevent you from getting safely away and living a life without him and his element? What on earth that could be, I have no idea.
Will you, as I did, see the light? Will you raise up your head and say “I want to live!  I don’t want to die”… and then take real steps to change things? To make yourself stronger?
If the people around you say over and over again “something’s just not right with him and what he’s doing”, are you going to continue to defend him? Or are you going to start seeing him for what he is?
Admitting you’re in a bad relationship is a lot of things — it’s humiliating. It’s frustrating. And it’s scary as heck while you’re in it… then it’s scarier when you first step out.  After a while it becomes liberating. Being free of that stress, that suffocation.  
We need to admit it. We need a new leader. Because 4 years with a bad boyfriend is way too long.
With all the minuses, is he just another Bad Boyfriend?