Our Vero Beach Date Night (This Time!) David and I enjoyed  a fun Vero Beach date night last night.  Many think small-town USA has nothing to do and drive distances to go have fun.  If your small town has too little to do, why not get people together and start some programs to draw more people… Read More

 The current presidential political campaign is a joke – full of lies and wounds on both sides.  Until our leaders drill down and find the true issues then address them – rather than putting #bandaids on surface injuries –  our country will not improve.  But our leaders have the ultimate power over ‘us’… the anger we… Read More

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Facebook page clone:  Maybe it was a close friend and you’re suddenly getting an invitation to a “new page”.  Maybe it’s a scammer! How can you tell if it’s real or not?  We’ve all seen it — the panic posts from a friend saying “someone stole my profile – Don’t “Like” them! This alternate page is… Read More

Businesses Networking on Facebook Networking is an ongoing conversation between business owners and residents in Indian River County, Florida. The group formed to network, market, promote and refer others to our local businesses. Find our group on Facebook under the name IRC Businesses Networking Group.  Those who live, work or own a business in Indian River… Read More

Corporate Mentality? Or Just Mental? Corporate mentality…  Being a curious sort, interested in business, I watched with interest a program called “Undercover Boss”.  I originally enjoyed the show.  It was a way for the typical head-honcho to get in with the average man or woman and see what real life is like…  You know the… Read More

“Establish firm term limits. End the Congressional retirement life-plan. Stop force feeding us the Electoral instead of the popular vote. End the bipartisan staple. It is NO LONGER working. And if it is good enough for the general populace, it should damn well be good enough for the big-ballers. The 2-Percenters need  whupped good. It’s not… Read More

     I feel as if I’m truly struggling tonight after a rather boring day, all in all, of Facebook and all the foibles going on there.  It’s the new television, truly, and we are becoming as numb with it as ever we were watching the boob tube.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook.  I… Read More

Welcome to my little corner of the world.  Now that I have you here, I may not let you leave!  OK, I’m kidding, we all have bills to pay and things to do, but I’m going to try to pass on some interesting tidbits of information, thoughts, ideas, hope and dreams.  I’m not a big… Read More

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I started this blog because I wanted to do something that pulled my thoughts together and voiced some concerns and knowledge that I have, that I feel is important to share with others. I hope all my readers find an occasional nugget they can use, something that they mull over, or maybe just something to… Read More

Save The Indian River Lagoon Rally Riverside Park came awake early this morning under blue skies and a scorching sun as people began arriving for the “Save Our Indian River Lagoon” Rally.  Many voiced concerns about the pollutants, the deaths of the animals, seagrasses and more, but it seemed throughout the day that the one overriding… Read More