Connie Spicer-Dedicated to Small Business

Connie Spicer is a Vero Beach business owner who encourages other small business owners to step outside their normal routines.  She gets them to take chances on new technology to make their business more visible for less expense.

She Wears Many Hats

A long time blogger, Connie maintains a number of websites .  She is found on many social media pages also;  as herself and as the media personality for her primary business, CN Starz Entertainment & Production.  CN Starz offers both mobile DJ and audio-video services.  Along with that she has a custom carving and engraving studio called Spice of Life Studio, both in partnership with her husband, David.

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Connie Spicer

During the economic downturn in 2010, the Spicers closed their greeting card-gift shop in Sebastian, Florida. Competing against Big Box companies didn’t work in their area without the budget of a large company.  Many local businesses suffered.

Connie realized connecting could be difficult for many people, even business owners.  She started a Facebook page, the IRC Businesses Networking group  so as to create a new online forum.  As of September 2016, the group contained over 1900  Indian River County business owners and a few hundred local residents.  

Due to her groups’ growth, Connie arranged speed networking events.  Her group motto”Network, Market, Promote and Refer” came out of the group page. The events allow people to connect without having to give speeches in front of groups. Those who were naturally shy could speak more easily one-on-one.

Works For The Little Guy

Marketing their own mobile DJ service took them in a new direction. They began building their social media pages.  They added podcasting their own shows and interviewing local small business owners.  Connie realized the potential to small business growth when traffic to her sites grew significantly.  When they started to live stream local events, they saw it work the same way.

As they learned more about audio and video on the Internet, they developed more of their own material. Connie started “how to” create video or podcasts; and  “how to” integrate social media.  As new technology came out, they studied them, reviewed them. Some they included, others were eliminated. Connie and David both believe, while new options can do great things, it should be studied for business effectiveness. 

Image by Connie Spicer

Public Speaking Topics

In coaching local small businesses for the past several years, Connie offers speaking topics such as:

  • “Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”,
  • “Building Your Business with Technology”,
  • “Video and Your Business Website: Why It’s A MUST”  and
  • “Twitter For Your Business”.

In addition, Spicer began publishing a weekly e-zine called “A/V Digital Media Marketer’s Report” to make digital marketing articles available to her many connections.  She wanted to make information more available to those who dislike technology in order to lessen their fear.

Personal Blog

Finally, Connie decided she wanted to do one more thing.  She created a personal blog – THIS one – where she could explore other concerns.  These will include product reviews and  new tech.   She comments on local topics  and op-ed pieces when politics, local events or personalities raise her eyebrows, make her laugh or cause concern.  

Along with my business interests I enjoy geeking out on new technology, hanging out with
 family, friends and pets, singing karaoke, genealogy research, creative writing, developing podcasts and video editing and production. I plan to stick around and bother people for a long time. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Disqus, Quora and more 
 using handles: cjspicer1 or cnstarzchannel. Stop by some time and leave a comment or say hello!