Our Vero Beach Date Night (This Time!)

David and I enjoyed  a fun Vero Beach date night last night.  Many think small-town USA has nothing to do and drive distances to go have fun.  If your small town has too little to do, why not get people together and start some programs to draw more people in to your community?  Let’s talk about Vero Beach date nights first.

Vero Beach Culture

Our county has less than 150,000 people in just over 600 square miles, so culturally, you might think we don’t have diverse options to keep people occupied.  That just isn’t true.  There is something for everyone here, and most folks have just a 30 minute maximum drive time to get there.  We have 2 separate theater groups plus those associated with our school.  We also have 2 different movie theater groups, one with 11 cinemas and one with 24 separate cinemas.  Dinner and a show?  Well represented and taken care of.

Dinner and a Show (or 2)

And that is partly what we did last night.  We started off with dinner at Bonefish Grill.  Dinner was a delight, as always, with the Bang-Bang Shrimp appetizer that was amazing-amazing.  Blackberry sangria whet my thirst for something that would actually soothe but not overwhelm my palate.  It was very refreshing!

Bonefish Grill, Vero Beach

Bonefish Grill, Vero Beach

Hubby had the daily special – Cedar Plank Bourbon Salmon with steamed veggies and garlic mashed potatoes, while I had a perfectly delicious Ribeye steak (could not eat the entire thing!) with Au Gratin potatoes and spinach. They forgot the potatoes and had given me a side of asparagus, but when I let them know the error, they brought the potatoes right away.  My only critique is that I enjoy a vinegar with spinach-should have asked if they had some to offer, but it was very good just in butter.

Excellent service, and we were out the door on time to get to our next event.  Our Vero Beach date night was shaping up nicely!

Off To The Theater – To Howl

Howl At The Moon (credit to Riverside Theatre) a great Vero Beach date night event

Howl At The Moon (credit to Riverside Theatre) makes for a great Vero Beach date night event.

We then drove to Riverside Theatre and enjoyed a night of dueling pianos at “Howl At The Moon”, with the pianists taking requests and playing as many as they could get in in an hour and a half. The pace was quick and (here’s the trick) if you want your song to get played, be sure to include some serious green with your request.  I posted some Facebook LIVE streams of them, if you care to have a look. The best part of the evening was a couple of local couples having their anniversaries on the same day… They had a rather raucous version of Hokey Pokey and played it up well.

Drinks at Riverside are inflated a bit, as you can imagine, so definitely plan on making it a special night and bring your credit card, along with some cash for tipping and the music, if you feel so inclined.

A Bit of Dessert – Our Favorite Saturday Sundae

After our delightful dinner and fun evening, we bid our friends adieu for the night and headed out on our own. At first, we talked about going home and calling it a night, but we drove past… Abbott’s Frozen

ero Beach date night includes a treat at Abbott's Frozen Custard. (Photo by Abbott's)

A Vero Beach date night wouldn’t be complete without a treat at Abbott’s Frozen Custard.

Custard.  Since it was our first Vero Beach date night in some time, we decided to stop for dessert.  As you can see, we really didn’t leave much.  We are both chocolate and caramel lovers, so what could be more enticing than a Sundae with a bit of both.  David had the full monte with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.

Me?  I’m a no nuts kind of girl.  Except for my sweetheart, of course…

The Show Must Go On

After all this, it was still just 9:45.  So, what mischief could we get into next? We opted for strange… Dr. Strange that is, and headed over to the Majestic 11  to catch up with the elusive Benedict Cumberbatch and gorgeous Rachel McAdams.  She does love a good Sherlock, now doesn’t she?

I was pleased after all that it wasn’t the 3-D version as the 2-D left me quite dizzy.  I’m afraid after all the consumed goodies, I would not have been able to keep it all together.  But we did enjoy the movie itself.  No spoilers here – Go see it, it’s worthwhile if you enjoy all the Avengers/Superheroes movies the way we do… and be sure to stay through the credits for the special “guest” star who prefers a good stout to a nice cuppa.

Date Night Options

After all the excitement in a 7 hour date, we did finally make it home in one piece.  No more secrets to divulge, but honestly folks, there was so much more going on here on Saturday.  Look about your own area and make a date with your special someone.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but the elements all together should add up to a truly satisfying evening for all.  Whether it’s a walk-around downtown or a free concert, or maybe just a quiet evening playing cards and getting away from your computer, spend time with those you love and tell them so.