Tonights muse

Tonights Muse

“Establish firm term limits. End the Congressional retirement life-plan. Stop force feeding us the Electoral instead of the popular vote. End the bipartisan staple. It is NO LONGER working. And if it is good enough for the general populace, it should damn well be good enough for the big-ballers. The 2-Percenters need  whupped good.

It’s not JUST Republicans, friends, it’s all of them that have become so entrenched in our government that they call the shots. The biggest problem with term limits (and why we have them in the big office and not the others) is that our leadership would be in constant turmoil. And the problem with NOT having it is that sooner or later, the once-idealist becomes jaded and corrupt. Our society is so “open” (Information wise) that every skeleton in every closet is fair game. Who will decide what skeleton is the least offensive? You? Me?? Today we stand on the edge of a sword’s blade. Which way will America fall? Where will the cuts, literally, come from?” (Connie Spicer)

“The sad part is that they know they are effing our country up, but they refuse to work for true success for the people that they are supposed to represent. It’s all about the PAC money; big business. You scratch my back and I’ll do whatever you want behind closed doors — metaphorically, and probably physically also, the way things are. It’s pitiful. I can understand why some politicians say they are ashamed of America – but they should say it correctly: I am ashamed of my American Government. I LOVE my country, with all that I am. But I am ashamed at how unethical our leadership has become.” (Connie Spicer)

The above was a comment (actually, two of them) that I made in reference to posts on a friend’s Facebook page.  We all see what is happening in this country.  The feeling in America is palpable, the whispers are becoming shouts and getting more difficult to ignore.

When my husband and I still lived in Ohio, I told him things were going to get bad.  Over and over, I saw and predicted the coming real estate disaster.  I told him I felt in my heart that after that happened, there would be an American crisis that would be beyond anything our generation has ever seen.  It would divide us, it will eventually get to a point where we may well have another Civil War, because our country is so disillusioned, so torn amongst itself.  I envisioned desperation, civil riot.  A new “Patriotism” evolving.  Some has happened.  Some has not.  Yet…    Not yet, anyway.

We… You and me, right smack in the middle —  we let this sour cream rise to the top.  We allow these social miscreants, these “too few” to dictate to us.  America is no democracy any longer.  We, the people, are being run over by the Big Business Truck, by the Big Bank Vault and by our own inability to step up and say what Captain Kirk so eloquently said in “Search for Spock”…  “I have had ENOUGH of YOU”, and then kick the sumbitches off the freaking cliff.

It is going on all over, in every community.  Our City Council allows their members to violate local ordinances and to trample on equal opportunity by slamming an individual’s right to worship (or not) as he or she sees fit and announces they will no longer endorse any organization that doesn’t recognize Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, to the very top of the American ladder as our President says what he feels is truth, and yet he turns his back on the principles and the people who walked with him to where his now is.  He does not see his error, but it is there nonetheless.  His greatest accomplishment to date is to develop an affordable health care act that apparently those who need it can not yet sign up for it because the program is so poorly written.

What is it going to take?  Another few years of watching loved ones die because they can’t afford healthcare?  Is it going to come when so many “outsiders” come in and take what is ours? Will it happen when family after family is forced to live in generational households longer than ever because there are so many working to afford living in the “real world” in America? Maybe it will come as the Baby Boomers begin going senile and have to be put in rest homes by the millions and it’s discovered there is no room at that inn either because no one wants to take care of the elderly.   

Maybe we will all continue to sit here, waiting.  We’ll allow things to happen because we are so apathetic we can no longer put down our remote controls.  It’s easy enough to voice them from the armchair — it only takes a laptop, high-speed internet and an email address, right? What more need you do? 

I am no anarchist, but I know that change is going to happen.  We are in the midst of a new form of growing pain created by computers and necessity.  Archaic versions of truth will be examined in the light and seen for what they are – false gods and prophets with no validity.  Work must be created to replace what the computers have taken. It is there, we simply have to find it, and do it.

America, many would step up, but we are afraid of all the backlash.  Who wants their life on exhibit for all to see and analyze, scrutinize and second guess?  It is like the worst popularity contest in the entire world.  There are others as well who would run, if only.  Isn’t it time we put ourselves in the hot seat for America’s sake?  Where are the new leaders? Is it you?  Or me?  I would say, yes, it is!

2 comments on “America — A New Patriot Is Rising!

  • Once again, Great Stuff Connie!! I like your way of thinking! I had an epiphany of sorts today and posted the following on my FB (BTW, I’m an Independent Conservative, I guess, If you were to pin me down, but I am an American, First and Foremost..): “Is there any common ground left out there? I’m ashamed for my involvement in the war of words going on in our country today. I certainly let myself get sucked in. It didn’t happen all at once, but rather gradually. I’ve just realized that I have become something that I really did not set out to be. I found myself taking pride in my ability to humiliate someone verbally. Nice, huh? I choose not to be a part of it any longer. What then will my legacy be? I think I will go in search of the common ground. Its either that or become a hermit. I don’t believe that is what I was meant to be… I truly value all of you…” Peace on Earth… At least, it doesn’t hurt to ASK, Does it?

    • John Gibson, It would be very interesting to hear your take on the current election/results. Stop in and let me know.

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