I feel as if I’m truly struggling tonight after a rather boring day, all in all, of Facebook and all the foibles going on there.  It’s the new television, truly, and we are becoming as numb with it as ever we were watching the boob tube.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook.  I enjoy checking out all the things friends and family are getting into.  I worry, laugh, cry and pray along with them when things happen (as they inevitably do happen).

     Then I see things posted that are supposed to be “funny” and they are just mean, like “cute dog gifs” that picture dogs jumping out of cars driving 20 miles an hour or so.  Or the dolphin killings in The Cove, in Japan. Or the latest crisis-are we going to war against Syria now, and I hear the fear that is emanating from so many people about it.  Apparently, they think this will start Armageddon.  And, who knows?  Maybe it will. Or, perhaps the food crisis with GMO’s affecting so many of the products we eat; and even our own local issues with pollution in our waters, and the animals we love to see there, dying from eating toxic plants.  I see our brothers and sisters, fighting for the right to love one another, and to marry and be able to properly take care of each other as a family and being denied that right.

So, I’m in turmoil.  I want to take action – strong action.  Action that would leave things in a better place or at least put my section of the world on a stronger, healthier path.  I confess to disliking conflict intensely.  But there is also an adrenaline rush, and satisfaction that comes from having stood up to “the Man”, having your say and realizing that people agree with what you’re saying.

I’m not entirely certain which direction this calling will take me, but I hope you’ll stick around and follow me, and see what happens next, but I’m game for the ride!  It has to be better than sitting here, looking at all this misery and waiting for the stuff to hit the fan.  You know you’re feeling it too.  Well, at least it’s nice to know we aren’t alone.

Thinking and wondering and hoping and a whole lot of praying.

Thinking and wondering and hoping and a whole lot of praying.