My Vero Beach blog focuses on our locals, business, reviews, politics and more from Indian River County and the world.  Here, you’ll see my photos and commentary of events.  You’ll meet people, reviews of products, but mostly you’ll get my personal opinion.  So, take it for what it’s worth.  And, as long as you are respectful, feel free to respond in comments and email me if you wish.


Vero Beach Blog - Round Rock Park

Vero Beach: Round Island Park, photo (c) Connie Spicer

Another Vero Beach Blog?

I love Vero Beach (my adopted community), my family, business and techy marketing stuff.  I also love living in a tourism community.  Since we came here from Dayton, Ohio, my blog is bound to include a bunch of Ohio trivia too.

There are many folks in Vero just learning about digital marketing: what works and what doesn’t.   Many developing small and micro businesses are in this county – It amazes me!  And there is always something interesting going on around Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fellsmere and Wabasso.  

The game plan is to keep reaching out and helping as many as I can.  I’ll pass on marketing tips and tricks,  success and human interest stories within the community and  a number of local reviews.

Many need the information I will be passing on through my blog to help you grow your business.  I plan to add a little extra information that you may not have discovered otherwise.  As a small business owner in a small community, I’ve developed some skill sets and contacts that might come in handy.  I hope my opinions and my teachings become a valuable resource for you. 

How did I get into all this?

A few years ago, we lost one of our primary small businesses in the downturn. As we started rebuilding, I found local voids that I thought could be filled or improved.  I started the IRC Businesses Networking Group page on Facebook and started holding speed networking events.  It built rapport between many local business owners and it showed I had something else to give to my new hometown.

I love learning and I love to share with others.  I started my Vero Beach blog because I want to do something that pulls my thoughts together; a blog that voices some concerns and knowledge  that I feel is important to share.  As a result, I truly hope all my readers find an occasional nugget they can use, something that they mull over, or maybe just something to make you smile for a bit. 

Come on in.  I promise I won’t bite.  Much. 


Vero Beach Blog: Ghost Crab

Ghost Crab at Round Island Park

Connie Dexter Spicer is a Vero Beach Florida geek and multiple business owner, dedicated to encouraging micro and small business owners to step outside their normal routines and take a chance on new technology and knowledge.  She has been coaching local small businesses for the past several years, speaking publicly on such topics as: “Marketing on a Shoestring Budget”, “Building Your Business with Technology”, and “Video and Your Business Website: Why It’s A MUST”. Her interest in music brought her and husband David Spicer into the mobile DJ industry, where they now also produce video and audio for business websites, perform at many specialty and charitable events.


Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and more under handles cjspicer1, Spice of Life Studio or CN Starz Entertainment and cnstarzchannel.

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